Reminder To All AEB Members 6/10/2020 1:09:47 AM



Ads earn  Bitcoin  is not an investment  platform  it  never has been and never will be.

The profit packs  are  what they sound like. 

Profits  from sales  of all our  advertising products go in to our profits pool  this  is then divided out  to the current  qualified  active profit  packs and spread over  a 24hr period.

A Explainer video can be  found in the how it works page  via the support tab 

The profit packs is  just one  way to earn from the  platform   check out the sales commissions  tablet on the upgrades  page  for promoting  and   members also can earn  from watching  videos   ads  cpa ads etc .


Members  who  join  aeb  and  only  purchase  profit packs  and never  purchase  any other  products or  promote  the platform to bring in members  will have to rely on other members  to provide the  profit to pay the  returns for the profit packs.


The Whole Platform is  designed  on maths  if it is not coming in its not  going  out 


Purchasing  only profit packs and nothing else  just reduces  the  amount of profit  paid  per  hour to the active  packs 


Aeb is a  advertising platform  that rewards  the promoters


Profit packs  have never  and will never have a fixed % return per day  and  the  time  for the packs to return the full rewards  depends purely  on the  profits  made from selling the  ad products  on site 


Profit packs never expire and will remain active  until reward % has been reached