Stealing Directs 3/14/2020 8:05:13 AM


Heads Up Dont Try And Steal Peoples Directs 

please read the whole post

when we created aeb it was for a safe place to advertise also a safe place for members .

as a full time internet marketer i know how much work people go through to get directs and one thing i will always do is protect members who are putting in the work

Today i deactivated a members right to earn from our platform not something i do lightly but you will be protected from people trying to steal directs .

The person in question i have caught on three different occasions first telling a member to delete his first account then join him

second asking me to delete a members account so they can join him ( worst was the person who had the direct was in his team )

third time another member warned me he has asked him to delete his account and rejoin him

I will never allow a member like this to earn in our platform

you work hard for your directs and be sure i will always protect the real team players

any member found to be trying to steal directs from other members will lose the right to earn from this platform

members will always be protected from this kind of stuff